Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pigeon's Lost

Today was a heartbreaking morning in Classtopia.

Two boys from the third grade found a pigeon's nest that we have been keeping a secret about. We saw the pigeons during the week of our SBAC. At the same time we had sparrows nest above the garden and even saw them take their first flight and fell into the shade garden. We always keep nest safe from the younger kids so that they don't disturb the birds. So when we spot nests around the school we don't say a peep.

The pigeon laid two eggs outside our classroom window and we just look at them from far away. This morning we were split into two groups. Most of us were in the big garden while a few people stayed behind to eat and watch our stuff. The three girls on watch were Lindsay, Jalaysia, and Ashley. They spotted two boys from the third grade about to disturb the eggs. The three Classtopians told the boys to put them down. The boys just stood there with the eggs. After a while, Lindsay and Jalaysia had to go do something so they left Ashley in charge of watching the boys. Soon they ran off and Ashley thought they were gone for sure. So she left to go meet up with Lindsay and Jalaysia. After a few minutes the whole class came to the garden.

We all gasped at the sight in front of us. There were broken eggs in front of us. Lindsay said that it may have been the boys and she explained it to us. Then our teacher sent two students to get their teacher. While we waited everyone was sad. It took a long time so our teacher went upstairs to find out what was taking so long. She came back right away with the boys and their teacher. She spoke to them about what they had done. They boys had a little smile on their faces while their teacher was talking to them. She took them to the office and we went to our class.

The poor pigeons who spent so much time building their nest must also be sad.
Pigeon's nest 

Broken pigeons eggs


  1. That is animal cruelty and the in this elementary school, stallions should never kill nature.

  2. These boys are so bad I wish I could have stopped them.

  3. That is really sad. R.I.P :( :( :(

  4. That is really sad. R.I.P :( :( :(

  5. I feel so sad for the babies and the mother pigeon.

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  7. If I was the mother of those poor pigeon eggs I would cry for ever and ever.