Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My trip to Sky zone

On Sunday I went to sky zone with another Classtopian. That classtopian was Daniela. It all started when Daniela’s dad asked my mom if I could go with them to sky zone. And my mom said’’ YES”. At first I did not know what sky zone was, So I went to sky zone website. I figured out that sky zone was a trampoline park. I started to look at pictures of the place and I got even more exited because when I saw the pictures I saw that the walls were trampolines. So that meant you can jump on the walls an the ground. After I saw the pictures of sky zone I could not wait till Sunday.

And Finally Sunday came. I woke at 6:00am because I was so exited. The first thing I did was change. But I had to wear something comfortable because you have to jump a lot in sky zone. And I mean a lot. After I changed my sister took me to Daniela’s house. When I got to Daniela’s house, Daniela’s dad started his car. Then we all got in the car. And by we, I mean Daniela, Daniela’s dad and me, Elizabeth. Daniela and  I were watching movies in the car because it was a long drive .

The first thing I saw was a sign that said” Sky Zone a trampoline park. When We got in sky zone they gave us some special socks. The special socks were to help us not fall while we were jumping or doing something on the trampoline.

Special socks

The first thing Daniela and I did was to go on the trampolines.


Then we went to play basket ball. But the cool thing is that the ground for basket ball is a trampoline.

Me playing basket ball

At the end of the day we had to go back home. But before we did we ate pizza. I was so happy because because it was the first time I went to sky zone.


  1. Now I want to go to Sky Zone!

  2. I never been to Sky zone, but now that I read this entrie and looked at the pictures I want to go!!!

  3. I think you guys should go to sky zone. It is very fun!

  4. I have been there it is amazing

  5. I had so much fun. I hope you guys can go too.