Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Over Eating In The Cafeteria

double pizzas for lunch-by Daniela
double sandwiches for lunch-by Daniela

I know that some foods are so delicious that you want more.

But don’t get another lunch because your diet will get worse. At my school, that happens sometimes. The cafeteria ladies have extra food and they tell the kids who wants more to come and get. A lot of kids run over to get the extra food. 

Every time I see kids get two lunches, I feel very bad for them because they are not being very healthy.  Some of our Classtopians get two lunches. I also feel bad when they throw away all the extra food. I don't know which is worst.

I don't want Classtopians to get in the habit of eating two meals because they like the food. This means they are not taking care of themselves. I recommend that all kids who get two lunches to stop doing that. I want everyone to be healthy.


  1. Thank you Ashley for this tip now I know to only get one lunch.

  2. I will now not get a second lunch.

  3. Eat healthy and thanks for the tips Ashley.

  4. I will NEVER get a second lunch.

  5. Thank you for the tips Ashley